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Image Credits

Organization of Nature diagram: Found on the floor of the Biology Lecture Hall, Georgia Southern University, mid-1980s.

Organization chart: Wikimedia commons: URL:

The Cat: From Selfridge via Neisser U (1967) Cognitive Psychology New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts.


Dalmatian with its nose to the ground: R. C. James

Fly-ball governor: Google images

TOTE unit: Sergejpinka,

Positive Feedback loop: By author.

Fox and rabbits diagram:

Noise cancellation: By author

S-curve of growth: By author

Exponential growth in information technologies: from collection by Ray Kurzweil

Photovoltaic production:

Exponential curve made up of little S curves: by author

Necker Cube : By author

Finch father with babies: By author

NY Times 1919 headline about Einstein: Wikimedia Commons: All Askew reproduction

Triangulation diagram: By author

Basilisk lizard image: Google Images,

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